The Countdown…

May 25, 2007 at 2:36 pm (Uncategorized)

Alrighty you sexy people, I gots me a plan and that plan is homeward bound!!!

Stevie’s in the midst of selling up and packing junk into boxes and when that junk is stored and the remainder is flogged in one exciting garage sale explosion we’re swooping straight over to Birmingham!  We’re aiming for the end of July (could be more, could be less.  Only a magic 8-ball REALLY knows the answers… maybe Derren Brown too but I’m still skeptical about his gypsy ways).  Within a week or two we’ll have tickets in our hands and dates in our yuppy file-o-faxes!

All I gotta do now is put on that same broken record and get some work so I’ll have money to set-up again in Brum.  I was offered a job the other day by some crooked company who’s office was in a rented wearhouse! It wasn’t a complete waste of time though, I got taught how to ride one of them fancy gyro bikes like the fella in curb your enthusiasm.  Anyway, two more interviews on Monday.  Until then its back to the plate scraping poverty 🙂

New photos here too from housemate Morgan’s birthday.  Went to a very shouty Japanese resteraunt where they bring out raw food and you grill it to death on a BBQ… fun place for the veggies.

All in all, very exciting thinking about roaming around home turf again. Its been a very strange year indeed…  I’ve gotten used to the Ausy host of Deal or No Deal and can hardly remember what Noel Edmunds looks like now!


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  1. Willjam said,

    Dont come back mate! Its RUUUBBBIIISSSHHHH……………….

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