June 9, 2007 at 8:53 am (Uncategorized)

Yabadabbadoo!  Stevie’s visa came yesterday, but what a headache.  I forgot how much of a ball ripping pain it was to book international flights!  Its like trying to solve a Rubicks Cube with Captain Hook’s bad hand for fuck sake! Thought I’d had it sussed earlier until it declined the card with all the money in… wankers.

Looks like July 16th is the day we get home if we can eventually squeeze some tickets out of the wide wide world o’ web.  The fun bit’ll be finding somewhere to live!

On a bleaker note, its a freezing 15.7°C here… Im sat here in a beanie and jacket, I’ve even got socks on… socks, in Australia!

On the job front, I’ve been jumping through the hoops of employers and eating their food when the bell rings.  Dunno why really, I still sit at home and read comics all day.  This week’s rejections were for campervan cleaner and brain mapping/MRI test subject.

Anybody know of a good job opportunity coming up in Birmingham?  I think its probably that time in my life where I behave and get a REAL job, not pouring beer, setting up projectors or unjamming printers.


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